12 Free Summer Tops And Tunics Crochet Patterns

Crocheting your own clothes is easier than you think and lets be honest, we are all different shapes and sizes and when you make something that fits you perfectly, you will feel amazing.

Below I have compiled a collection of 12 free crochet top patterns perfect for this summer. 

I want to make all of them!

The difficulty ranges from really easy ones to intermediate, you are bound to find something you like and are able to make in no time.

Scroll down through the photos, choose your favourite pattern and click the link at the top of the photo for the free pattern.

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The links will direct you straight to the patterns which are free.

Before we continue, please note that this post contains affiliate links, I will earn a small percentage should you choose to purchase something, but it will be at no cost to you. 

You can read the disclosure policy here.

1. The Summertime Tee, A Breezy Modern Crochet Top

Find the free pattern on TL Yarn Crafts

2. Not-So-Granny Tunic

Free pattern from Red Heart

3. Starry Night Blouse

Find the free pattern including instructions and diagram at ByKaterina

4. Dreamsicle Tee Crochet Pattern - Easy Crochet Top

Free pattern from Sigoni Macaroni

5. Crafty Crochet Top

Free pattern PDF download from Read Heart

6. Beginner Summer Crochet Top

Free pattern and instructions at Jenny & Teddy

7. Townsville Top Free Crochet Pattern

Find the free pattern instruction and diagram from Stitch & Hussle

8. Relax And Unwind Sweater

Free PDF crochet pattern download from Red Heart

9. Fisher Tunic Free Crochet Pattern

Find the written instructions over at Life And Yarn

10. Honeycomb Crochet Top

Free pattern instructions from Hooked On Homemade Happiness

11. Trippy Crochet Tunic

Free PDF crochet pattern from Red Heart

12. Lilla Bjorn Sweater Top

Free pattern and instructions from Lilla Bjorn's Crochet World.

This pattern comes in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2

I hope you found something you liked and found easy to make.

Happy Crocheting!

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