DIY Tutorial: How to Make an Outdoor Garden Pallet Corner Sofa with Storage Box

June 26, 2018
This is a project I did last summer, but since a lot of people asked me about it, I decided to write a tutorial for anybody who is interested in building their own pallet furniture.

We used to have the most horrible looking garden table when I first moved in our home. 

It was round and big and had a glass top, it looked more like a indoor table (thinking back now, maybe it was). 

I then, a few months later, got hold of a garden set with a smaller round table and 4 chairs made of cast iron.

I painted it black and I was happy with it for a while, but the English winter came with lots of rainy days, and my black garden set started slowly to turn green from all the lichens growing on it.

'Fine' I said 'I will just clean it in the spring', but then spring came and all the spiders seem to have build their webs on my nice garden set, you couldn't sit on it without being creeper out and no matter how much I cleaned it, the next day the webs were back.

On top of all that, the set had only 4 seats and sometimes I had to bring chairs out from the dining room to accommodate everyone. 

So long story short, I decided I had enough and after a lot of online research, I chose to build my own corner seating out of pallets. 

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This project should take a day or two the most, including painting it, it's quite easy to do and can be done by one person. 

I was lucky enough to have Mr.B helping me with this project as he is better with the electric saw than me.

Before we start, please note that this post contains affiliate links, I will earn a small percentage should you choose to purchase something, but it will be at no cost to you. 

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Supplies I used

- 4 wooden pallets of the same size

handsaw or electric saw

- drill or a screw driver (yes, you can use a screw driver too for this project!)

- decking boards like this one (i used 9)

- outdoor paint of your choice, I used this one

- fabric of your choice for the covers

Cut the pallets across the slants and along the middle bottom wood, you will end up with 4 equally large pieces. Sand the sides smooth.

Place the pallets where you want the sofa to be, two pieces on top of each other. Mine fitted perfectly along the wall and garden fence.

Here you have two choices. 

1. Place the pallets adjacently corner to corner leaving a square empty space between the two sections making the sofa symmetrical.

2. Place one section adjacently to the other in such way that there would be no space between the pieces. On this option, one side of the sofa would be longer than the other.

I chose to maximise the space and went for the first option and in the empty space we created a storage box for drinks.

To create the box we simply attached off-cuts of decking board to the inside part of the pallets and decked around it. 

The lid is just a few pieces of decking board held together by another piece.

Cut the decking boards to size and sand the ends. Panel all around the sofa base securing them with decking nails. 

At the top, place the decking boards a bit higher than the pallets to create a border for the foam cushions.

Use decking board to create the back rest if you need it. 

We had to create one on the fence side as it was too uncomfortable without it. The wood is screwed to the fencing posts.

Finally, paint the entire sofa base in the colour of your choosing.

Making the cushions is really easy. I used medium thickness sheets and cut them to fit my sofa.

If you have the time and are handy with the sewing machine, you can make cushion covers with zippers than can be taken out and washed. 

I didn't have the time, nor the sewing machine at the time, but I had a large roll of fabric I bought from a charity shop for £3, so I figured it out I can just replace it if it gets stained or damaged. 

So what I did is wrap the foam sheet in fabric, just like I would wrap the Christmas presents, then used fabric glue to keep it together. 

This is the second year we are using the cushions and I have to say they are looking great.

They are not waterproof so we have to put them away on rainy days, but other than that, we had no issues with them. 

The foam is holding great and the fabric stayed in place.

I hope this tutorial will inspire you to make your own corner sofa, use the ideas to create your own design and shape and get creative.

Happy crafting!

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