Transform Old Picture Frames Into Wall Jewellery Display Organisers for Hook & Stud Earrings

May 17, 2018
Lets talk jewellery! We all love wearing it, but keeping it organised it's a totally different story, somehow it all ends up in the same box, tangled and lost in some corner. Have you ever tried finding the matching earring in a box full of jewellery? Not fun!

This is how my jewellery was stored, all pilled up in boxes and bowls.

So i got to thinking about how can I organise mine. I wanted something quick and inexpensive, but also something that can be mounted on the wall as I am planning to use the bedroom table for my crafting projects. 

I also needed something suitable for stud earrings as I own quite a lot of pairs in that style.

With that in mind, I remember I have some old frames I kept in the shed just in case and I still have some pieces of lace that my grandmother gave some moths ago, I wrote all about it here, so I decided to turn the frames into wall earring displays.

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This is a really easy project you can make in an afternoon. 

Your jewellery will be neatly displayed on the wall and you'll be able to find your favourite earrings without having to search endlessly for it. 

Besides, they look really pretty and you will get to display your favourite pieces as art. Double win! 

Before we start, please note that this post contains affiliate links, I will earn a small percentage should you choose to purchase something, but it will be at no cost to you. 

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Supplies Used

- Old frames

- lace to fit your frame, I recycled my grandmother's old lace tablecloth that had some stains on and could not be used anymore.

- Thick cardboard to fit the back of the frames. I used it because I had a lot of stud earrings that could not be otherwise hung. If you only have hook earrings, then you don't need it.

- Unibond No More Nails adhesive or, alternatively, you can use nails to hang your organisers on the wall. 

Lets get started! This is going to be really quick and easy.

Remove any backing and glass from the frames.

You can choose to paint the frames at this point if you like. 

I forgot and ended up doing it after I attached the lace, but since I only had to refresh the gold colour already on the frames, it wasn't such a hard job to do and the lace did not get stained.

Place the frames on the lace fabric and cut out the shape.

Turn the frame upside down and staple the fabric to the back. 

Make sure the fabric is pulled tight before stapling it.

At this point you are done, unless you have a collection of stud earrings that need organising. 

Then you will need some sort of soft backing to the frames to push in the studs. This is how the frames look so far. 

In this tutorial I used both cork panels and thick cardboard just to see the difference, and there isn't any, both materials perform the same, so you're better off with the cardboard as it's free.

Cut out the cardboard shapes to fit your frame.

Paint the cardboard if you like at this stage, I painted mine purple .

Use Unibond No More Nails to glue the cardboard to the back. 

I really like this adhesive, it is so easy to use, it glues fast and holds well.

Let it dry for 5 minutes the hang your frames on the wall using either nails or glue. 

I chose to use Hard as Nails because I knew that spot will be a permanent place for my jewellery. 

If you are renting or not sure about the location, use nails.

Mr.B was kind enough to help holding the frames against the wall until they were glued, about 30 seconds.

And we're done! Easy, fast and inexpensive, but most important, functional and beautiful.

Happy crafting.

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