DIY Tutorial Metal Wire Bird Feet for Crafted Yarn or Felted Birds

March 15, 2018
     So you made this really beautiful felted bird and realised it will look even better with a pair of legs, but you didn't buy any from the craft store last time you were in town. Sounds familiar?

     That was me last week except, instead of felted birds, I made a bunch of yarn chicks to decorate my mantelpiece for Easter and they just didn't look right without the legs. 

     By the way, if you are curious to see how I made my yarn birds, you can find the tutorial HERE.

     I went online, googled lots of tutorials, tried different ways, and after a lot of trial and error, I finally found the easiest and fastest way to create realistic looking bird legs.

     This is going to be a quick tutorial and you most likely have all the materials needed in your tool box, but before we start, please note that this post contains affiliate links, I will earn a small percentage should you choose to purchase something, but it will be at no cost to you.

     You can read the disclosure policy here.


- 0.7mm thick craft wire

- mini crafting pliers

- yarn in the colour of your choice

- PVA glue

- scissors

      Cut a piece of wire 15cm long using the wire cutter pliers. 

     Depending on your bird's size, you might want to cut a longer piece. 

     This size will create feet for a bird that is approximately 9cm long (including the tail).

     Use the round nose pliers to shape the wire as you see in the picture. Those will be the front 3 toes.

     Now bend the left side to create the back toe.

     Bend the two ends upwards, just like in the picture.

     Use the flat nose pliers to shape the wire and form the toes. Then twist the ends to form the leg.

     Now fold the yarn around the wire starting from the back toe, continue with the front ones and end at the top of the leg.

     Use PVA glue to soak the ends and secure the yarn.

     You can bend the foot to make it look more realistic, but this is optional, I chose to do it for my chicks.

     Now make another one to complete your pair. This is how I used mine.

Happy crafting!

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