How to Crochet Classic Granny Squares and Join Them Seamlessly

January 04, 2018
     I have been crocheting since I can remember but I never learnt the crochet language and symbols, they intimidate me and I tend to avoid any tutorials that only show the pattern.

     Even nowadays, when I want to learn a new pattern, i choose a tutorial that shows pictures on how to make it in addition to the symbols and that way is easier for me to master the pattern.

     When I first looked online for tutorials on how to crochet the classic granny square, I couldn't find one that showed how to make it picture by picture, and ever since, I always wanted to create my own tutorial for anybody who's like me and learns from pictures rather than reading a pattern written in symbols.

     In this tutorial I will show you picture by picture how to make the classic granny square and then how to join two squares seamlessly.

     Before we continue, please note that this post contains affiliate links, I will earn a small percentage should you choose to purchase something, but it will be at no cost to you. 

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- crochet hook size UK10 - US4, this is usually the size of hook i use for most of my projects unless I use really thin or really thick yarn

- large eye blunt sewing needle that will fit the same yarn size used to make the granny square

- scissors 

- yarn in the colour of your choice


Chain 6 and join in a loop.


Start the first row by chaining 3.

Followed by 2 double crochet stitches.

Chain 3 to create the corner, then another 3 double crochet cluster stitch.

     Chain 3 again to form the next corner and continue until you have 4 clusters on this row separated by chains of 3 stitches to form the 4 corners and there you have it, your first row.

     I close after each row and start again at the corner, but you can continue from where the previous row ended, i just find it easier this way. 

     Feel free to change colours at this point if you wish, i chose to make my squares out of 2 colours.

     The second row is a bit different in the way that there are two 3 double crochet cluster stitches on each corner separated by a chain of 3 stitches to form the corner, but there isn't any chain of stitches in between the other clusters.

     Start at the corner by chaining 3 followed by 2 double crochet stitches.

Chain 3 then make another 3 double crochet cluster stitch in the same corner.

     Right after make another 3 double crochet cluster on the next corner without chaining any chain stitches in between.

     Repeat the last two steps to complete the second row. Should have 2 clusters in each corner separated by a chain of 3 stitches and should look like this.

     The 3rd row has extra 3 double crochet cluster stitches in between the corners that are connected directly, without any chain of stitches in between.

     The only time you chain 3 in between the clusters is to form the corners, so each corner of the previous row has 2 clusters with a chain of 3 stitches in between.

     The usual granny square has 5  rows but you can make it as big or small as you like. 

     For this tutorial I made 2 small ones, only 3 rows each.

     I also used a different colour seaming yarn so you can see the technique better, you can use any color you like, makes no difference as you will not be able to see it once tighten anyways.


Insert the needle in the middle of the first crochet stitch from back to front.

Repeat the first step on the other side.

Continue on each stitch alternating sides, it will look like laces on a corset. 

Do small areas at the time otherwise you risk breaking the seaming yarn.

Pull on both sides of the seaming yarn to join the two square together.

     This joining technique can be used on any knit fabric, it looks great from any angle, back or front, so you can use it when you make blankets, sweaters, toys etc.

     I hope my tutorial was clear and easy to follow, but if you have any questions you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest under the name Ariana Goldberry.

Happy Crocheting!

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