How to Make an Halloween Wheel of Fortune Drinking Game Prop PART II

September 25, 2017
     As I was saying in PART I, having a drinking game at our parties is a must and since the theme of our upcoming Halloween party is Carnevil, me and Mr. B decided to build a Wheel of Fortune drinking game.

     In the first part I built the base and the wheel, on this post I will show you how I painted and stencilled the wheel and the sign above it.

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     Just a reminder of the things I used for this project

  • a piece of plywood or similar for the wheel, thick enough to hold small nails or screws- my wheel is 70cm in diameter and 0.5cm thick
  • an used bicycle wheel for the rotating mechanism
  • screws for the rim of the wheel and to construct the base 
  • wood timber - i used a combination of 2cm by 4cm timber for the body and 5cm by 5cm timber for the base just because that's what i had available
  • any paint you have around, makes no difference if it's acrylic paint or something else - i used green, blue, red, yellow, black
  • a piece of plastic i took from an used ice cream container to act as a stopper (otherwise your wheel will keep spinning for a long time until it stops)
     After I draw and cut the wheel, I divided it in 16 equal sections and put the screws in. I placed them approximately 6cm apart.

     I used 4 colors to paint it because if I used only 3 as originally intended, the last section to be painted would have been the same color as the first section I painted. 

     If you don't have a steady hand, use a ruler, place it along the line and paint your borders without having to worry it will bleed onto the other section, then use a bigger brush to fill the middle part. 

     I did not have a flat ruler so it took me longer. Start with the light colors first just in case you make a mistake, the darker colors will cover it easily. 

     I painted the back of the wheel green, but as I said in PART 1, you can  paint the other side the same way and use it as a prize giving wheel for kids. 

     Don't forget to paint the rim of the wheel too.

     Here it is all painted

     I then created a stencil for the words on the wheel. 

     I chose TAKE, GIVE, SKIP and ALL, take a shot, give a shot, skip a shot and all take a shot. 

     Because there are 16 sections, having just 3 words would have meant one section would remain unfilled, so I chose to put ALL in the remaining section as a wild card.

     Each word is meant to fit an area 10.5cm by 4cm on the width of each section, but if your wheel is smaller, you can stencil them on the length of the wheel. 

     I print it and cut out the letters, I used a crafting knife and that made it so much easier than using scissors because the letters are small. 

     If you can't download the picture below, download the file HERE.

     I made the black blocks for guidance only, i would recommend leaving as much space as possible around the letters so you can avoid putting paint outside the stencil. 

     I didn't and had a few accidents, I know better now. 

     I printed the page 3 times and used the stencils once or twice because the paper gets wet. 

     Using a small piece of sponge dubbed in black paint, I saturated the stencil with color. 

     I had a few accidents, but it doesn't really matter because it is suppose to be looking old and creepy. 

     I am wondering now if I should splash some fake blood to make it even creepier....not decided yet.

     And here it is finished! What do you think? 

     Should I splatter some fake blood on it or not? 

     How about some dripping blood from the letters? So many choices!!

     Me and Mr.B decided to put a sign on top of the wheel so I cut a piece of plywood from the leftovers size 42cm by 22cm which I painted green with a sponge brush

     Again, don't forget to paint the rims.

     Creating the design for the sign was a bit more complicated that it was for the wheel. 

     I wanted clean lines, so drawing it by hand was out of the question. 

     I went online and found a picture of a frame that I liked which I downloaded. 

     I then used a, a website that lets you create large posters from your own images which you can print over multiple pages. 

     I needed an image that fitted my sign and it so happen to fit 2 vertical A4 pages. 

     After uploading the photo and choosing the measurements I wanted, I downloaded the PDF file ready to print. 

     Make sure you chose to add a border to your image. You can download my copy HERE. Here is half of it.

     I traced the shape on the plywood sign then I cut out the first brown line from the frame on the paper. 

     I then used the stencil again to trace the second line on the sign. 

     Next I cut out the red section of the frame but I left a few guides to help me centre it better. 

     I traced it again and then, keeping the guides, I cut out the brown border and completed the frame.

     Once traced, I had painted it with red and blue. 

     Start with the red, if you make any mistakes, it can be easily fixed with blue paint after.

     Next I added the words to the frame template and, using the same website, I printed it on 2 pages. 

     My mistake was not to leave borders and so two of the letters came out incomplete. 

     Make sure you choose the border option, is important. 

     I was able to hand paint them after I stencilled the sign. You can download the stencil HERE.

     I cut out the letters with the crafting knife and, using a small piece of sponge, I painted it blue.

     I painted the lights using yellow paint and a round larger brush. 

     I dubbed the brush in paint and lightly pressed it on the red border. 

     Don't worry to much about coverage, you will need 2 or 3 coats of paint to cover the red. 

     And here it is all done. I am thinking if I should round the corners or not. 

     For now I guess I will keep it as is.

     All I need is a bell attached to it to call people's attention when it's time to spin the wheel. 

     We plan to do it every hour and each of the guests will have to spin the wheel. 

     Lets just hope it's not going to land on ALL section every time!

     Here is a video of it I made to show you how it works, still working out how to edit a video, this is a raw unedited version (the sound is really bad, I know, it was really windy that day).

     I hope you all enjoyed the 2 part tutorial and found it easy to make one of your own. 

Happy crafting!

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