26 Aug 2018

Crochet Pattern: 3 in 1 Decorative Cuddly Sheep Toy Baby Pram Blanket

     What a great idea! A cuddly warm blanket that the baby can play with and then it folds into a decorative pillow / armchair decor. This blanket is perfect for a minimalist home, it's gender neutral and looks gorgeous when folded and rested on the armchair.

     This pattern is available in both Etsy Store and Ravelry Store in a large print, inexpensive, printable PDF file, with lots of pictures and step by step tutorial on how to crochet yours.

     A couple of months ago a family member came to me with a picture of a sheep armchair cover and asked me if I can make a blanket for her special little boy that looks like that. 

     She already had the cuddly sheep pillow / toy I made for her and she thought it's a great idea to have a baby blanket that looks beautiful folded on the armchair next to it. And this is how I started the work on this blanket.

     This pattern will create a blanket size 100cm by 75cm, but you can make it as big or small as you wish. I chose this size because the family member I was making it for needed a pram blanket for her little boy.

     Depending how big you choose the blanket to be, there are 2 different techniques of folding it:

1. For small to medium blankets such as pram blankets you should choose the gate fold technique

2. for larger blankets such as baby blankets use the U fold technique

     I also attached crochet buttons on the side of the blanket to help holding it together when folded. If you are making a larger blanket, they won't be needed because of the U folding technique.

     The white and grey colours are neutral and suit a boy or a girl, but the blanket would look beautiful in bold colours like purple and orange or green and blue. I chose white because, well, sheep are white!

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     I used a modified version of the bobble stitch that still gave the blanket a lot of texture while using a lot less yarn. It also made the blanket softer and flexible because the the stitches are not so dense.

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     This pattern is available in both Etsy Store and Ravelry Store only, grab your supplies and head over for the pattern.

- DK light worsted yarn in white and grey, this Lion Brand yarn in white and grey is perfect for the project

Polyfil stuffing

- 3.5mm crochet hook, I use this set for all my designs

blunt sewing needle to fit the yarn

- 8mm black doll safety eyes

     And this is how your finished blanket should look like. Fold it and tie it up with a bow and it would do a wonderful present to a little boy or girl.

Happy Crocheting!


  1. How much white yarn does this pattern use please?

  2. Also have the same question. How many balls of white yarn did you use for this project?


  3. The pattern says 4 halls white and 1 Ball Grey. How big are these balls. I have crochet about 16 cm. And have started om my 4 th. ball. Something is wrong somewhere.

    1. Hi, they are 100g balls of DK yarn, the whole blanket is under 500g, how big are the balls of yarn you're using?