28 Jun 2018

Crochet Tutorial: Bee Happy Honeycomb Baby Blanket Free Pattern

     The Bee Happy Honeycomb Crochet Pattern makes a beautiful baby blanket or lapghan you would want to use for years and pass it down when time comes. 

      It's made with bright happy colours and smiling bee appliques, it's also easy to make because it only uses basic stitches like the single crochet stitch and the double crochet stitch.

     The blanket is made out of solid hexagons joined with single crochet stitches which give the border a raised texture. Using shades of warm yellows make this blanket look like a honeycomb. 

     The smiling bee applique pattern is versatile, one pattern can create a multitude of different looking bees: some can face to the left, some to the right, even vertically with one wing on each side of the body.

     This pattern creates a cot size blanket or a lapgan sized 115cm by 100cm (approximately 40in by 45in). You can modify it to suit your needs by simply adding or taking away hexagons.

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- For the hexagons - chunky yarn in 3 shades of yellow. I used Hayfield 978 Sunflower, King Cole 828 Yellow and King Cole 551 Cream.

- For the bees - chunky yarn in black, yellow and white. I used King Cole 554 Black, King Cole 828 Yellow and King Cole 822 White

- crochet hook, I used a 3.5mm hook

- large eye blunt needle to weave in the ends

The Stitches

- magic ring - tutorial here

- chain ( ch)

- slip stitch (sl st)

- single crochet (sc)

- half double crochet (hdc)

-double crochet (dc)

- increase (inc) - tutorial here

- decrease (dec) - tutorial here

The Pattern



Making the hexagons:

     The hexagon pattern is one of the basic patterns in crochet and it's easy to master. 

If you don't know how to make it, I have written a detailed tutorial HERE.

     For this blanket we are going to work 4 rows in the darkest shade of yellow you have, mine was Hayfield Sunflower, and one row of the middle shade of yellow, mine was King Cole Yellow.

     Make 53 hexagons, each 16cm (6in) in diameter.

Connecting the hexagons:

     I chose to connect the pieces with a single crochet stitch because it gives a raised texture to the blanket and defines each hexagon making it look overall like a real honeycomb. 

     Use the lighter shade of yellow, in my case the King Cole Cream, to connect the hexagons horizontally at first, then join in between each piece. 

     Do the border at the end, using the single crochet stitch to match the rest of the blanket.

     This is the back of the blanket, it's plain, no raised texture, but it's softer and better for the baby.

     Finally, weave in the ends securely with a blunt eye needle.

Making and attaching the bees:

     I have created the bee pattern to match the size of the hexagons. The pattern is also modular in the way that it creates a different been depending how you arrange the pieces (wings on the same side of the body or one on each side, head attached to the middle or on one side etc).

     You can find the detailed tutorial on how to make your own HERE.

     I made 3 bees for this blanket, but you may choose to do more. Or even less, it's up to you. It's also up to you where you decide to place them on the blanket.

     Attach the bees securely to the hexagonS making sure the thread does not show on the back of the blanket. 

     You can do that by sewing through the bottom stitches of the bee and through the top stitches of the hexagon ( in case you didn't know, each crochet piece as a top layer and bottom layer).

     And this is the end result: a beautiful honeycomb baby blanket with happy bee appliques.

Don't forget you can get the ad-free, printable PDF pattern HERE and you can add it to your Ravelry queue HERE.

Happy crocheting!


  1. You need to make a video of this. How many total skeins did it take?

  2. Hello. I am interested in this pattern, it is really lovely. Could you let me know what size of hook you used for it?

  3. How much yarn will I need for this pattern? Also i don't understand your reference to the "layers" when sewing on the bees could you explain this in more detail (maybe even add a photo or two?)

  4. I loved the pattern. Could you please help me with the making of the hexagons. like how many chains and loops in each row.