30 May 2018

Crochet Bumble Bee Applique Free Pattern

     How cute are these little bees? You can use them to embellish your bags or blankets and even clothes. It is a modular pattern that can create a different looking bee depending how you arrange the parts.

     This pattern is available in my Etsy Store in a large print, inexpensive, printable PDF file, with lots of pictures and step by step tutorial on how to crochet yours.

     I needed a bee applique pattern for my Bee Happy Honeycomb Baby Blanket, but could not find a one that fitted the size of my hexagon granny squares and the yarn thickness I was using, so i decided to make my own custom pattern.

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     This pattern is available in MY Etsy Store only, grab your supplies and head over for the pattern.


- yellow, white and black yarn similar to King Cole Big Value Chunky Yarn 

The Stitches

- magic ring - tutorial here

- chain ( ch)

- slip stitch (sl st)5

- single crochet (sc)

- half double crochet (hdc)

-double crochet (dc)

- increase (inc) - tutorial here

- decrease (dec) - tutorial here

        And this is how your finished bee applique should look like once completed.

Happy crocheting!

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